Castor Oil Packs

Castor oil packs assist enemas, because the absorption of the castor oil through the skin into the lymph system, via the lacteals in the small intestine, softens, relaxes, nourishes and balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It also disperses congestion and tension, and slowly helps to release blockages in the bowel pockets.
Dr Christopher (a world renowned naturopathic doctor) also comments, “castor oil helps to get rid of hardened mucus in the body, which may appear as cysts, tumours or polyps” castor oil packs can be used anywhere on the body where there is inflammation, congestion or cyst. It is very useful in the treatment of sprain or injuries.

With careful planning castor oil packs are an enjoyable experience which is easy to do.

Colonic IrrigationYou will need:

  • 250ml of castor oil (from the chemist)
  • An electric heated pad or a hot water bottle
  • 2 clean cotton tea towels (40cm x 25cm)
  • A couple of large plastic bin liners
  • A large thick towel which will wrap around the body.


  1. Spread the large towel on the floor
  2. Place a moist cotton tea towel over the plastic bin bag
  3. Oak the cotton tea towel in castor oil
  4. Place it on top of the moist cotton tea towel
  5. Lift the plastic bag and place over the abdomen with the cotton soaked in oil next to the skin
  6. Place the heated pad over the plastic bag or use a hot water bottle (not as easy to manage)
  7. Lie on the spread towel and wrap it around the body to hold everything in place. Secure with ties or safety pins
  8. Enjoy this soothing and relaxing pack for one and a half-hours. When you have finished remove the pack and place the two layers of cotton between two plastic bags, roll them up and put them away in a cool place. Repeat this procedure for three days in a row.
  9. The following three days massage the entire area with olive oil. Rest on the seventh day, and then repeat the entire procedure again until symptoms improve.

Make sure you have organised yourself well to enjoy your castor oil pack. You can choose between reading, writing, resting, meditating, T.V. conversation or sleep. The relaxation of the solar plexus and abdominal emotional brain is very soothing and is especially valuable to the kind of constipation caused by muscular tension. It is an essential aspect of any body-cleansing programme, whether for preventative or curative treatment.

Once it is accepted into your life and has a place along with other beauty and health routines, you will be able to apply it when needed for beneficial results.